Saturday, June 16, 2012

Continuation on the post below

I think I am about 70% right and 30% left. In fact sometimes I stop and take a notice of how I do things and wonder how I don't confuse myself. I tend to start 20 things at once and then move this massive mountain of tasks inch by inch (and complain pretty much the whole way through), instead of doing one thing at a time.

The one thing I have gotten from my dad, is my ability to organise things. While Neil would laugh out loud if he read the previous sentence, my ability to organise something is good. Keeping it that way is a completely different story. This trait is invaluable in designing as a large part of design is being able to organise information in a creative way.

What side of the brain are you? 

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melissa said...

Hmm... I feel like I'm somewhere in the middle between the two. I do like to bring some sort of logical order to the world around me, but I also like to look at the big picture and think about connections between various ideas.