Friday, June 01, 2012

The month of May

It is already June 1! We just celebrated Christmas and I was taking videos of Daniel in his bassinet as a tiny baby. I've been off work for over 6 months and today marks another huge milestone - Daniel rolled on his own for the first time. 

We were on the phone with nana Lynn who was giving us an update on uncle Brett and aunty Kerry and I had put Daniel on his tummy. All of a sudden he rolled over like a pro. I though that maybe the bed was slightly tilted and put him back on his tummy. He did it again - without much effort, like saying "of course I know how to roll, mummy!" I was getting a little concerned that he isn't rolling yet at as 6 months babies should be rolling and here he is, doing it like it's no big deal. I was so proud of him! 

This month has been full on! We've spent 2 weeks without daddy here as he's been working away. We miss him lots. In the mean time we are taking advantage of having a car and having a great time. We've stayed a night with nana and papa Rushbrooks and it was so sweet to watch them love Daniel. We've been visiting friends and Daniel has been playing with lots of babies his age. We have made a little "garden" more like arranged all the pot plants in a more structured way. And this month also marked the first time Daniel was left to be babysat by his nana and papa while Neil and I went to a show - a live "This American Life", which was GREAT! Of course that another milestone this month has been the first tooth, which we have welcomed with lots of drooling and trying to stick everything in the mouth. The fifth month in Daniels life has been very adventurous! 

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Judi said...

And I LOVE being a part of his life. What a blessing you are, all three!