Sunday, August 12, 2012

8 months - my favourite things

My little sweet potato is 8 months! We just walked through the halls of Wesley Hospital with a massive smile when we were bringing our baby boy home. It was just yesterday, no?

At this moment in time, these are the things that make me smile: 
  1. He still smiles when he wakes up (most of the time), in the afternoons he can be a bit cranky but generally he has this angelic smile when he wakes up. It is worth sitting next to him and waiting for him to wake up to witness it. 
  2. Sometimes he tries to respond when I have a chat with him. He makes this deep exhale combined with a sound. It's so sweet and I can't wait for him to actually start talking (it seems unreal at this point...)
  3. He has started stretching hands towards me or Neil when we want to pick him up. 
  4. When Neil gets home from work, Daniel sees him and lets out a squeal of pure delight that his daddy is home. 
  5. He loves bath. I love his chunky leggies and armsies and belly.
  6. He loves it when he's falling asleep and I give him kisses his lower cheek. He closes his eyes and smiles. I smile too. 
  7. Standing is the newest thing and I think he'll bypass the whole crawling business. All of a sudden he has started standing and making steps. Still wobbly but it won't be long until he learns to hold his balance on two feet.

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melissa said...

He's getting so big (and cuter and cuter, if that's possible). What a sweet baby boy!