Monday, October 08, 2012


This is the season of storms. In our life it started with losing our first pregnancy. It seems like just about everyone else I know is going through something very, very difficult at the moment. Sometimes I stop and wonder - what is happening? Why so many people I know & love are suffering so much? Where is God? Doesn't he hear our prayers? If He loves us so much, why does He allow this? Why doesn't He intervene?

I don't have answers to those questions. I can't say that at this point in my life I have been focusing on God. I feel distant and far away. My faith is still there but the everyday nibbles have taken over my attention. At night, when I am tired, I fall in bed with only one thought - sleep.

My dear friend Felicia sent me a lovely devotion book, which I opened today. As often with these things, the right one comes at the right time - short devotions for a busy mom.

I often feel that God is mad at me because I don't do enough of this or that. Because of it, I start avoiding reading, going to church and then I have to pull myself together again and re-focus. One sentence lept off the page:

"I know and I understand you completely"

It's comforting to think that His ways are higher than ours. His forgiveness and acceptance is infinite. There is no remembering past and wrongs - there is just an embrace.

While this doesn't fix all the heartaches, worries, bodies that need healing and everything else, it does give comfort. That's a beginning.

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