Monday, February 25, 2013

Home decorating

They say that pregnant women nest. I can't say that I went through that phase. Between being told that we have to move out of our rented apartment in the city because it was going to be sold, find a house and navigate all the new homebuyers tasks, pack and move, and wrap up full time work, kept me so busy that I had no time for things that I've heard pregnant women do - such as clean carpets with toothbrush and mop floors three times a day.

But it has caught up with me. Don't get me wrong, I am still waiting for that desire to clean carpets with a toothbrush but I certainly am absolutely itching to decorate this house and make it as homey as possible. If someone was making a cartoon of this, I would look like a car with its wheels spinning.

I want to add colours by painting feature walls. I want to add rugs and runners to make this home warm. I want to make the garden nice and inviting. I want to buy a chainsaw and clean up the yard. I want to stain the bench outside. I want to pave paths in the garden. 

There are so many things I want to do and I have done... one. I bought a plant on ebay and planted it in the little patch that is meant to be garden. It's a really sad excuse for a garden. And in the process I totally pricked my arms with the sharp thorns. Daniel was knocked over by a little puppy belonging to the people whose plant I was digging out and screamed out the neighbourhood. And I was sweating buckets in Queensland's subtropical climate while digging a prickly plant without gloves and under my breath wondering what got into me for thinking I can do this.

Anyway. My friend Christina and I blame Pinterest for this. It inspires but it doesn't give you an idea of how difficult it actually is to make whatever you've seen and it certainly doesn't show the 90% of projects made by you that could end up on craftfail.

Regardless. Feature wall in the front room. It needs a face lift. It needs a new life and color would provide that. Being married to one of the most opinionated men on this planet makes things more difficult. So far he's rejected the turquoise that a very talanted lady suggested (and I think would look smashing), my mustard yellow was poo pooed the same way and orange was suggested. I am not prepared for orange so the wall is still bland and I am frustrated.

But my pinterest wall is flourishing and I am dreaming... :)

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Hahaha! This was SO refreshing to read, Agnese, as I can relate on so many levels. From opinionated husband (majority of my ideas now are greeted with a question ‘do you ever want to retire?’), to wanting to do too many things all at once and actually not completing anything, to how difficult it actually is to make things look good and continuous and tasteful. The joys of nesting! :)