Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Our first home

When I was about 6 or 7 months pregnant we were told that the apartment that we were renting in the city will be sold and we should look for another place. We were ready to do this because with the birth of first grandson we knew that we'll have lots of lovely guests over.

So we started looking. It was quite the story as Australian realestate is VERY expensive. We looked and looked and were getting pretty discouraged because for what we could afford there was not much. Until I came across this house about 12 kms from the city (further than we wanted) but it was freshly renovated and quite the steal for the price.

We looked at it and decided to go for it.

This is where all our esteemed guests sleep. Actually it looked very different all along but the realestate agent came along and said we need to create space. So the double bed went and this lovely pull out couch was purchased. I love this room! 

This is the home where my first baby was born. I know that down the road when I look at these photos I will think of all the love I experienced here for my firstborn. This is where he came home from the hospital, this is where he learned to take his first steps. This is where he first said "mummy". Those moments have been absolutely priceless and they have happened here. 

This is my baby's room. Actually, it is not used as much as one would think because he sleeps with us most of the time. Still, this is his room. 
This is where I have set off too many smoke alarms and once or twice cooked up something that my husband said "wow, can you do this again?". No. Wait, I don't think he has ever said that. Oh well, my gifts are in other areas...

As much of a total blessing that this house has been, there are a few things that just don't work for us anymore. There is no flat space for Daniel to play and he LOVES being outside and playing. Also, the house is on a road and I always worry he can run out on the street. Finally, this is a little something that I have never understood about Australia and especially Queensland. This is one of the hottest and most humid states in the world and air conditioning is a rare thing. In fact, most homes don't have proper insulation which means that in the winter is gets COLD and in the summer it gets HOT.

Our living room. After Daniel goes to sleep Neil and I get out chocolate (wine, pistachios, tim tams... etc) and enjoy our evening. Lately I have been enjoying "My Kitchen Rules". This still doesn't mean I can cook...

As someone who has grown up in a country where preserving heat and cool is of essence this sort of building is a nonsense. I still don't understand why the houses are built this way but anyway, I will leave it here. My point is that winter in this house was COLD. I was not ready for it and I never want to experience it again. From now on I will only buy brick and tile house, instead of wood and without insulation in the walls or ceiling.

There is a lot I could say about this place, the LARGE land we have in the back of the house that also has been breeding grounds for pythons the size of anacondas, turkeys, dinosaur-looking lizards, cockatoos, and possoms. Don't get me wrong, there is two million other creatures but I don't venture down there. I am still a European, not a Crocodile Dundee...

This is where Daniel enjoys his baths every night. 

This is where I get cuddles from my baby in the mornings. I love those times. 

Our lovely deck. It doesn't need comment.
Due to the blunders with the house we want to buy, there have been some very stressful moments. I think we are out of the woods now but at one point, if everything was going to turn against us, we would have ended up on the street and the house we want to buy would have been sold to someone else. I was stressing. Seriously stressing. Feeling sick stressing. The lessons I learned about that are in the post below.

Back yard

Front of the house

Sometimes I look at others who ... are way richer than us and I get swept up in that feeling of "we need more". It's something I need to consciously remind myself not to fall into. 

I am thankful. Thankful to the bottom of my heart for the blessing that only six years after moving to this country we have been able to buy a house. I know that we are so very, very blessed, there are millions and billions who can't afford food, let alone a house. We are blessed, so very blessed. I don't ever want to forget that. I don't ever want to take that for granted and forget. I want to bless other with the blessings that we get. 

So through this whole experience, stress and worries I am learning to trust and to thank. It's a beautiful thing.

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