Wednesday, July 30, 2014

This moment

My heart has been pouring over these last few days with thankfulness and love. There is nothing in particular that has happened, just life and the little joys and gifts that we are given daily.

Yesterday we had a brunch with the my friends here and their babies. At one point I looked around and was so thankful for these beautiful women who accept me and love me and include me, and their kids who will grow up as siblings with my children.

Sofie is almost 7 months and I've been absolutely loving these last few months. They are probably my favourite in baby's development. She has become cheeky and sweet and her little leggies and arms are oh so chunky and soft. Absolutely perfect.

Daniel is all about cuddles lately. This kiddie who was not big on cuddles as a baby comes up to me and asks for  cuddle sometime. Something melts inside of me when he does it (I think he's figuring that out as he's done it when he's in time out for being naughty...). He's such a sweet boy.

I was watching a show on tv the other day and one of the characters was giving a little Thanksgiving Day speech and in it he said "I am thankful for this moment in time". I am realising more and more how important it is to enjoy this moment. Tomorrow there might be new knowledge of things, good or bad, new challenges, new growing to do. Today, with all its perfections and imperfections is good and I am thankful for it. 

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