Wednesday, March 23, 2005


spring is my absolute favorite season. the anticipation of summer, warm air and lots of sun takes over me so much that i want to run around and make summersaults. when we are talking about spring, there is a story i have from the third grade, to this day, i remember it vividly.

there was some kind of a gathering in my class. everyone was there and the teacher had asked me if i have a good joke to tell everyone. of course i did! even in third grade i was in thirst for drama and spotlight. so i told her a joke i was going to tell.

the time came, i had been given the "mic" and had the attention of the whole class, and parents, and the teacher, AND MY MOM, i began my fable. except that i changed my mind and didn't tell the joke i had told my teacher, i came up with a better one.

"It was spring, everything was blooming, everything was smelling fresh and world outside was sunny. a little worm dug out of the dirt to enjoy the weather too and noticed that everyone around is in couples: little birdies in couples, little bugs in couples, little kitties and doggies in couples and he too wanted to find a mate. as he kept gazing around, he noticed that there was another worm, a little ways away looking around. so he said to the other worm, "hey, do you want to marry me?" the other worm answered "you silly you, i am your tail!".

i would tell you about the wrath that i experienced from my mother, whose face was bright red after i was done because she, along with me noticed that no one in that room was laughing at my joke. i don't think i need to share the details. let's just say my mom was furious.

at this point you might be wondering: what is the moral of this story. the moral is easy, my friend: laugh at other people's jokes when no one else does. even if they are silly.


Anonymous said...

You are hilarious!

- Ness

melissa said...

that's awesome, ags. i can totally picture you telling that joke.