Saturday, March 19, 2005

three weeks

three weeks and ten million emotions later i am back. it takes time to process it all in my head. don't ask me to tell you -- there is too much. there are little snipets of memories i wish i could record in my head. oddly, most of them are not time with family and friends. the ones i wish i could save forever are the random.

like the pretty little girl and her young momie drinking chocolate at the EMILHS GUSTAVHS chocolate store. the love flowing between the two of them - so vivid and colorful. cooing quietly in their own little world about how yummy is the hot drink. momie using a crisp white linen napking, gently wiping her daughters mouth, covered up to ears in the thick, brown chocolate. there are little barrets in the little girls hair, pink danglies in her little braids. you can tell that whoever made her hair did it with lots of gentlness and love. the mom is a young woman, probably a wife of a guy who prefers her to stay at home with their little daughter, who brings the bacon home and buys her the fancy fur coat. it doesn't matter how much money they paid in their last morgage payment. love, in this case knows no difference, even if they lived in a shack.

or the blind old woman on the street who is asking people who are passing by and pretending too busy to notice that she is not begging but asking how much money is in the palm of her hand. .32 LS. equivalent of about 50 cents - more then likely that's her dinner tonight. my heart sinks when i see the old people, who have lived their lives, raised their children, lived through the glorious times of before-occupation, survived communism to find themselves starving with the pensions of $120 the rent that month is probably about $100.

or the lady, wearing a purple coat with a big furry purple ...fur and earing a purple lipstick, saving a seat for me in the trolye bus when i am tired, carying a heavy backpack. kindness.

i need time to process it all. to give it time to settle in my head. then i will come back with more stories in the language, instead of emotions.


melissa said...

i love it when you write like this :)

kristaliukas said...

this is beautiful, agnese!