Thursday, May 26, 2005


even when i lived in the city, i never lived in the downtown of a city. there is a difference. maybe i am too young and inexperienced and unmarried yet, but i have never understood why all the people in the world not want to live in a city - downtown city.

rochelle and i are staying in an apartment above carey's this summer. downtown vermillion, above careys. if there is a cool place to live in vermillion, it's above careys. two reasons:
#2 no lawn mowing this summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but that's just an added bonus
#1 for a split second, when you walk in the place and see the exposed brick walls, when you lay in bed and forget that you are in vermillion, you think you are actually in a cool place.

i took my first nap there today. between the people shouting outside, doors slamming in the building next door, the bright red light-bulb in the hall, the pigeons cooing outside, the view of a dumpster from my window, some crazy neighbor doing something, who knows what, in the hallway, the little tiny straiways on the other side of the house, i felt like i am living in a city.

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