Friday, May 27, 2005

sometimes a good bed doesn't mean a good night's sleep. OR first night of misery at the new apartment

ok, scratch everything i said about living in a place with exposed brick walls and how cool it is to live above carey's and all that other bologne. i changed my mind REALLY quickly after i woke up from people shouting, music playing, bar doors slamming, more people shouting, more dorrs slamming

FINALLY!!!! i looked in the clock and thought to myself "geez, finally everyone is going home and i can sleep"
until 2:15 when the garbage bags full of empty bottles were swung over to the dumpsters and they made a noise that would resemble the aliens taking over the planet earth, music cranked up even louder so the bar tenders can clean up, doors slamming twice as often and sounds of the same garbage bags being drug on the cement.

"ok, this can't last forever" i thought to myself and fell back asleep, knowing that an hour AT MOST they would need to clean it up.

UNTIL I WOKE UP AND COULD HAVE SWPRN THERE WERE PEOPLE IN THE ROOM I WAS SLEEPING having a conversation. at first i could not figure out what is going on, until i realized that our lovely neighbors are having an afterbar and they are standing and smoking on the little steps RIGHT OUTSIDE MY WINDOW (like you can reach in and shake my hand how close it is). of course that the chicken that i am, i am not yelling at them profanities and telling them that "some of us need to work next morning", no, i am way smarter then that -- i just evesdrop on their conversation. i assume they are tlaking about what great cooks they are and they could open a restaurant together

Girl #1: "OHMYGOSH, i am so good at making lasagna!!!! it is so fantastic! and this steak i make -- you can cut it with a fork, it's that good!!! and then this gulash, i have the best recepy for it! you can make it in the microwave - it's that good!! What can you make?"
Girl #2: "Well, i can make grilled cheese! i know it sounds kinda stupid but it's the best grilled cheese in the world!"
pause, where i asume gilr #1 is blinking her drunk eyes and wondering if she heard it right
Girl #1: "OOOOOOHHH, you mean, like you put tomatoes and bacon in it?"
Girl #2: "No, i don't, it's regular, but i swear, it's best grilled cheese!"
another pause
Girl #1: "ok, that's bs! whatever!"

at this point i am wide awake and realize that there is no sleepy by that window. so i leave my pillow plush queen size bed and go to sleep on the hard, uncomfortable futon in the living room.

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