Friday, May 20, 2005


Try as we might, there is no clean or prisitine path to bold manhood - or to courageous womanhood. There are skinned knees and broken hearts and overzealous mishaps all along the way. It's a messy business.

God has hopes for us, to form us into His image, to make us a people who courageously live out our created purpose in our world. He wants us to embrace a bold and dangerous faith. But He knows a bold faith comes only by walking many treacherous miles.

Whith God, you often don't know what you're going to get. While we can be certain of the goodness of His heart, certainty of His movements is a bit more slippery. Often times, we have no idea what we are asking for - and that is the crux of faith: trusting God with our dreams as well as our dissapointments.

~Winn Collier


Rochelle said...

thanks, i needed this right now.

melissa said...

that's so true.