Friday, May 13, 2005

i am not made for some things

after the third home-made try of coloring my own hair i promised myself i won't ever do it again. after the first time i did it, my boyfriend, at the time, looked at me and said "what happened to you?" that is certainly not a response you want after revealing your newly colored hair. after the second one, i looked at myself in the mirror and said to myself, "what happened to me?". the third one was colored back just as quickly as it was colored in the first place.

i think i am finally coming to the conclusion that i am not made for diets either. there was a period in my life when, just like half of this country, i decided to do the south beach diet. that lasted about 6 days, if that. a year later i decided instead of going carbless i would go vegetable-full. no meat, no bread, just veggies and fruits for 6 days. i love vegetables, so this should be easy enough and just for 10 days.

after the easy first day, i was sure that i will conquer this monkey like none other. after the second i had about 5 little crackers at night. this afternoon i walked in my office and there was this scone on my desk, left by the boss.

a soft, fresh, chocolate chip scone that melts in your mouth and tastes like heaven. chocolate chip, and soft, and VERY fresh. people -- don't you get it --- a scone?!!

and that was the end of the vegetable diet. there were probably 4578688575389674 calories in that scone and it broke my diet, but it was worth every bite.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure by 'crabless' you meant carb-less ----but either way, I giggled.

mmmm hmmmm scones are grrreat!

kontrabanda said...

i just wanted to make sure you pay attention.... :)

Mike said...

the bad thing about diets is people ruin them. you're constantly being sabatoged by those around you. someone at work has a birthday. mmm, cake. you get a free meal to wine and dine a job candidate. mmm creme brule. and we all just keep fighting the good fight.

Lindsey J said... a vegetarian I can say that going totally fruit & veggie for 10 days can have some surprising side effects...

I'll bet that scone was totally worth it. :) I'm sorta failing on my diet too so my new idea is to just work out--I figure if I work out enough I can eat whatever I want--it's worked for my husband!

Ty said...

This is Ty.

I don't have your email address, so I figured this was the easiest way to let you know.

I'm a daddy.

That's right, and only 11 weeks early.

Long story, but you can read about it and see pictures at

Andy said...

So... can't beat the "I just had a baby!" comment.... but yay for chocolate chip anything!