Friday, July 01, 2005

elephants with chipping paint

dreams, like pictures, most of the time are interesting and mean the most to the person who has been there and experienced it. others quickly flip through, look if they see their own faces in those pictures and move on to the next thing. that's normal.

once in a while i come across a dream that sticks in my mind. the ones that stick mean something - always. without joke. i think it's to the point where people get annoyed with me and nod the head just to get me off their backs. that's why i don't bring it up anymore. really, those things mean the most to me. but i want to remember this dream, because of the colors and because i have never seen a dream like that before.

i was chased by an elephant. this elephant was in a pretty turquise color, his color was chipping off of him, like an old chest with a chipping color. maybe he wasn't running after me, because there were others with me but he kept following us and we had to run so fast. this was a night time. we were running through fields of corn, tall corn, like the one in late fall, right before harvest. suddenly people who lived in a house in this field came and said that we can use their house to hide. they had barbed wires around the house, i thought for sure this will save us. suddenly there was snow, but it wasn't cold. the elephant still kept following. we ran into the house and watched him. even thought the house was a little two storie building, it seemed like i watched him from some high grounds. i kept trying to take pictures of him because he was in a really pretty color. even though he was scary, i was fascinated with him. there was something resembling a very pretty carnivale in a distance. it was colorful and intricate and had lots of rides. and this elephant went and destroyed it all. he kept stomping on all the rides and making sure he attacked them all and ruined everything, he tried to climb on others to crash them, he made sure things blew up, there was nothing but a mess left. and i still kept taking pictures. then he came after us. i think he started destroying the house we were hiding in. but i can't remember what happened then.

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