Wednesday, July 27, 2005

she's so hiiiigh

different people have different sideffects to anestesia.

my truly thespian self has a very thespian sideffect.

when i was waking up from my deep, happy dreamies, i looked at my nurse anesteziologist, who had won my heart earlier by taking my hand in his, looking in my eyes and taking the moment to truly ask me how i am doing, and said "i just want you to know that you are..... (swallow a sob) a fantastic nurse!" sob sob.

i don't deviate from my fabulous self.

i had the deepest, most sincere desire to bawl my eyes out. the nurse later explained that some people actually do have that kind of a sideffect.


The Dog Lady said...

after i got my wisdom teeth removed, i came out of the anesthesia totally bawling my eyes out for an unknown reason...

i don't know the details of your medical history.....but i hope you are doing well!!

Lindsey J said...

I hope that you are recuperating quickly :)