Wednesday, August 24, 2005

games that men play

in my early 20s, upon meeting a guy i was behaving prim and proper and put on my cutest giggles and tried so hard to hide all my flaws. i don't know if it was me, or men at that age but i found it hard to find anyone serious enough to stick around.

in my late 20s, i am tired of that. i figure that if they don't like me for who i am now, they certainly won't like me later, so i lay it out at the beginning: look buddy, i have to warn you - i am messy, i am looking for committment, i want to have babies, i get jealous sometimes, i get moody at least once a month, i won't have sex with you before i get married, i don't put up anymore.

i don't know if it's the fact they know i am not playing games and don't put up with crap, maybe it's because i find myself interesting enough that I don't NEED anyone, but now i don't know how to tell in a polite way that i am not interested. in fact, the more i try to scare them away the more they want to stick around. maybe i've figured out the secret.

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