Wednesday, September 14, 2005


While in San Fran, we met and spent time with N's friends. Another British man and his wife, great people currently living in CA, while he is studying film (do people in CA have any other majors?)

Great things I learned from the Brits that America needs to catch up on:

Knitting Pattern: A really hot guy. They call hotties a "knitting pattern" because usually the knitting magazines feature these super hot dudes wearing sweaters, so chicks buy them just to check out the guy.

What's the lemon?: Apparently East London has this thing where they rhyme words, so "lemon" rhymes with "lime" and stands for "time" (those Brits ARE funny) :)

Sitting on the bench: this is not so much an English thing as "our" thing. It was explained to me that in movies, when a man and a woman talk about their feelings, they usually sit on a bench. This became an inside joke. N and I did a lot of "sitting on a park bench" during the trip :)

And by the way, I am getting really good at British accent, my dear'... :) And if you've never had an English breakfast you are truly missing out, my friend. I know you are thinking that I am biased (which I probably am) but the English breakfast beats any dinner or lunch that you've ever had. Seriously!


melissa said...


but lemon doesn't actually rhyme with lime...

Anonymous said...

What is an English Breakfast? English Muffins??? :) ~Jennifer

Anonymous said...

I'm with Melissa.
- Bob

Anonymous said...

yeah, lemon isn't even close to rhyming with lime. they just have that lil aliteration thing goin for em, and that catchy flow of easy spoked words thing.

also, what exactly constitutes an 'english breakfast'? inquiring minds want to know