Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I was listening to the radio yesterday, where they invited people to give Christmas gifts to the children who have found home at the Children's Inn -- a place where women, victims of violence and domestic abuse, and their children stay until they find permanent homes.

There always been a part of me that has wondered what it's like - to lose everything you have, to leave behind all you've worked hard for, to take your children and to run for your life, often times they have to hide. I can't imagine how devestating that would be.

Christmas is magic. I encourage you to make it magical for at least one of these kids. Here is a wishlist of things that are on the website. Some of the things they ask are almost ridiculous -- like washcloths and socks.

I encourage you to give above and beyond -- make magic because you can, adopt one of these little hearts these Christmas, make the little lips squeel with happiness, give them one morning yet this year when they can forget that they are not at home with mommy and daddy, opening presents in safety while drinking hot chocolate. Give because you have been given and let that be a gift to yourself this year.

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