Wednesday, November 09, 2005

To thousand years of happiness!

one of my closest friends got married at the end of october. just like you can't pour the ocean in a glass, there aren't enough words to express how much it means to me. how much i love this girl, how beautiful they are together, how good he is for her.

since i never really said much from myself during the wedding, i would like to put it here. i read this a while ago and knew that it is exactly what i want to tell you and wish you. i didn't write it, but sometimes you find something that's written so much better then you could ever put it in words:

"Real Love is quietly hopeful and devastatingly kind. It's always on time, and it doesn't quit just because the shift is over. Real Love is surprising, like a night out under the stars. And though it usually prefers the softest touches, Real Love has strength enough to fend off all other suitors.

Real Love is a movement, an affection and an arrow pointing home; it is a peace, a precept and a personality. It knows about forever and ever, and it works just fine in the now and the here."

link to RELEVANT article "Real Love"

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The Bride said...

Thank you so much Agnese, for being there for me and making everything so fun and memorable!

love you tons!!!