Saturday, December 31, 2005

Christmas Gifts

In the stage where you have pink gooeis in your tummy when you just think about each other and wear a smile 24 hours a day that makes you resemble a kangaroo, you are willing to give this other person the world. Especially, when it comes to gift giving. And I have to say that the tree, that was crooked to start with, was piled up with gifts and was tipping over the other direction.

Among other lovely things, such as ipod nanos and Britains best design 2004-2005 books and two million other things, I got a strep throat from the Brit. Since it's spread by suliva, I must have gotten it from sharing that ice cream bowl. DUH!

I have to say though, I had the best British sick service possible. My boy was making me tea and warming up orange juice at my request. And you can stop gagging now, strep thorat hurts so bad that you can't swallow anything. And he was taking me to the doctor and doing everything else imaginable to relieve my misery. Which, I loved, of course.

But no matter how good it was, as they say - what goes around, comes around. He'd had it a week before he came. And just as I am walking around with 3 cold sores, but getting better from my strep throat, he came down with it again. Last night he was walking around with a miserable throat ache and drinking all hot fluids in sight (there are none really).

When I was at the docs office, she suggested I gurgle my throat with salt water because of its desinfecting effects. So Neil wanted to get better for New Years and willing to do anything to get better. See, I've been put throught this misery as a child, along with other things like mustard compresses on my chest when caugh, and other things like hot milk and honey. Stuff that I am starting to wonder if it was my parents way of punishing me for all the naughtiness. Anyway, I know exactly how nasty it is, so I never even allowed that possibilty to enter my mind. But he was all brave, so I made him the hot saltwater.

At the time, with his best intentions in mind, not knowing how much salt to put in a cup, I just kept pouring. Apparently we needed one tablespoon. I put in more like...oooohhhh..... four...maybe...five? He went to the bathroom and shut the door.

grglrgrl waaaahhhh pfpfu pfu gagg pfpfu gagpfu khhhhm


The door busts open and out comes a red eyed Neil who turns to me and in a very crisp British accent says "In the history of oll ideas this was the worst idea I've ever heard of!"


Andy said...

It really is a good idea (I promise), but it gets exponentially worse the more salt you put in. I always put in too much, you gotta be careful with that stuff!

Anonymous said...

Oh, just a little bit works :)
good to know now, right....

Anyway, I hope the two of you feel better for the Eve, (and the rest of 2006.)

melissa said...

andy's right. a little bit will do wonders for your throat. a lot on the other hand... well, you've already experienced that.

get well soon!