Saturday, December 10, 2005

remembering not to forget

Do you know what I fear when it comes to relationships? It's not the breaking up or him finding someone else, or getting bored or whatever else it is that is a reason why many people grow apart. I dread the moment when you start taking the other person for granted. it seems like when that happens, things go bad.

Because it is not something "bad" and usually people don't think about it, therefore we don't watch out for it. In a way, you can't avoid it - it happens sooner or later. It's like no matter how great or expensive or cool car you get, there comes a point where you look at it and ask yourself why you are paying so much in the monthly payments and insurance because it has lost its allure and looks the same to you as other cars on the street.

When you forget to remember how awesome it is to have this other person in your life, is when you start treating them like everybody else, with a little added spice of nagging about the stuff that has been getting on your nerves for [insert a time amount here]. and usually this is around the time when you forget to tell them how much you appreciate them becuase it's been done before and it's not like anythign has changed...

so i wonder, where is the wisdom of not letting yourself take your love and lover for granted. i wonder how to remember every day, in a small way to let him, but mostly myself, know how much this means to me and how awesome it is to have this amazing friend in my life. how do you cherish and realize the value of this person before they are gone.

it is not just about someone you love, it is about a job and about the everyday things that are always there and the people you run into on daily bases that change your life but you don't realize it.

i want to learn to do that.

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