Sunday, December 11, 2005

where do you go?

i want to illustrate a book. no, i am not writing it, i will just illustrate it. and i won't tell you what it is yet.

the only ... obstacle... is that i am not an illustrator. all i can draw is... you know, a butterfly which usually is bigger then the tree which it is circling around. oh, and also i learned to draw a mikey mouse when i was in 3rd grade. i still entertain the church children when they are bored to death while listening to the pastor preach, and i take full blame for ruining all the church programs. and yeah - i am a hero in their eyes because i draw the coolest mikey mouse.

anyway. i am set on this. the question i would like to ask you is - where do you draw your inspiration from? i have no clue how to go about it. i don't know what style to do this in, since i will most likely go with photography, graphic design and collages.

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