Saturday, January 28, 2006

Last week

I thought 6 weeks are an eternity.

It is an eternity when you are waiting for 6 weeks to pass and counting days until you will see each other again. It's unbelievable how short 6 weeks are when you don't want them to end.

I always have to prepare myself for good-byes. I hate those things to creep on and then you are not only left with the shock of things having passed but it has happened unexpectedly. My preparation involves being sad before it has happened so that when it finally comes, I can say good-byes without the drama.

It takes time for me to re-arrange my mind and to prepare myself for when the house will be empty because both Neil and Rochelle are leaving on the same day. I need to start thinking of the things I will do when I am back to being here and he there, I need to find things to look forward to. My vaccine is picturing my feelings and emotions when he will leave, I almost need to live through them now, that way I build a little padding for when it actually happens.

For now I will try to enjoy every moment. Who knows when the next time will be.

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