Saturday, January 28, 2006

more Agnese(isms) a.k.a. "foreignerisms"

We're back from Eagle Butte, which we have officially renamed - Evil Butt. That trip is loooong.

So long that sometimes your head goes a little fuzzy after driving for hours. When you have sang your lungs out along with the Killers and played stupid road games, and drained the ipod battery by playing games, and watched the Office by sharing the headphones, and taken naps, and taken more naps, and stared in the distance in silence, and don't know what to do anymore and finally come across a town where a friend lives, your head is fuzzy and things don't come out as clear and concise as you'd like. When I tried to tell Weed that we visited the Aquarium in Chicago, it came out as "In Chicago we went to the fishtank exhibition".

In the other news, my boyfriend, the international superstar he is, has an effect on all kinds of women. A certain receptionist in a fine establishment where Weed works (I won't disclose details) has commented that "she is willing to lower her morals for a man with an accent".

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Lindsey J said...

You drove right by my parents :) Well, sorta. You were on the other side of the river, probably.

Anyway...I totally understand the accent thing. Just don't tell my American husband ;) (actually he knows)