Wednesday, March 01, 2006


This week I have volunteered to baby-sit kids for 2 hours a day. Last night there were 8 kids -- two 3 year old girls, two 3 year old boys, and some older boys.

After running after them and yelling to pretend to be a monster, drawing Christmas trees, stopping them from eating crayons, twirling them and running around whle carying them to pretnd that they are flying, breaking up Xbox fights, making sure no one draws on the walls and trying to figure out how to get them out of a room where they've locked themselves in, I realized that I have not had such a stress reliver/ego booster in a very long time.

Seriously - where else can you run around and act like a complete idiot and be loved for it? Where else can you scream from the top of your lungs and be thought of as the coolest adult in the whole universe? And where else do you become bestest of friends with someone after sticking a bright green ribbon on someones head and calling them a princess? NOWHERE!

Well, all that and get called a "stupid head". But I am sure that in a very affectionate way...


Andy said...

Watch that tax, friend! You never know how much it'll be. When are you coming to Londontown? I'll have to track you down and buy you a congratulatory drink!

Lindsey J said...

as affectionate as the kid who drop-kicked me when I was babysitting him was, I'm sure... :)

I'll bet you are a fun baby-sitter :)