Saturday, February 25, 2006

true friends

i don't know how women buy wedding dresses in latvia. i suppose when i was living there, no one was getting married, so i never thought of it. here it is an EVENT. i don't have to explain the 49 dresses and the family and the "no, i don't think your butt looks big in that, do you, aunt...?" and "yeah, the neckline looks much better in that other one" and "aaaaaaaahhhhhhh" and "OOOOOOOOhhhhhhh" and "yes, i am feelin this one" and ... you know what i'm talking about.

so now it's my turn.

except for i don't really have anyone to be doing the "aaaaahhhhh" and "OOOOOhhh" here. all the women are back at home and the thing about it is that I know that even if they were around, I think they'd be too busy to oooh about my dresses. or maybe I am just too used to shopping alone and feel like making people sit there and wait for me to try on 49 dresses is cruel. even if it's wedding dresses. or maybe i am just not used to my shopping experience being referred to as a an EVENT. i think i just feel guilty.

so this is where i feel like i have the the best friends in the world and feel really loved -- when a friend is more excited about the dress shoping then i am and plans the day and goes with me to suffer through torturous "ooohs" and "aaahs" and "no, your butt totally doesn't look big in that dress". that's what i call a true friend!

even if it's a friend who has a hickey on her neck...


karen said...

I couldn't bear dealing with the ooohs and ahhs and constant help from store salespeople. I just ordered mine over the Internet and crossed my fingers.

Anonymous said...

I am sad that I didn't get to go with you...I like shopping for wedding dresses too.

ps I don't have a hickey ;)

Lindsey J said...

Did you find one (or even two?) that you liked? When I went shopping it was rather last-minute and I found one available friend and we met my mom at a store that was moving across the state the NEXT DAY so it was now or never...but at least 30% it was then--my first and last shopping day...and it was my dream dress in the perfect size. I hope you find your dream dress. :)