Friday, March 17, 2006

living what i believe

loving people is the hardest of jobs i've ever done. i am not talking about people who are easy to love but the ones who annoy me, the ones who respond the opposite of what i expect them to, the ones who do things that are just plain mean and hurtful.

but that is, what faith in Jesus Christ is all about. just loving God and loving people. where they are at. when my mom doesn't want to get involved in my life no matter how hard i try, when friends are acting mean, when there are those whose talking sometimes resemble knives clinking against each other in my ears. it is not agreeing with everything people do, it is sticking up for what i believe but still accepting them and loving them where they are at. pouring out love on them and thinking of creative ways to do that.

it's an upward climb because at first you don't see the opportunities to love. then you see them and maybe even want to do it but don't know how. then you figure out how but can't find it within yourself to actually do it. then you have one little chance and you do the opposite of what's expected and it feels like that first time you figured out how to ride the bike -- you've figured it out!

no matter where we are, i think it's a lesson we keep learning for the rest of our lives.

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