Saturday, April 01, 2006

Riga: from Neil's perspective

Actually, this is me, Agnese posting. Neil and my sister are watching RIDDICK on TV right now. This has been the first free minute for us to sit down and check email. I sent a text message to Rochelle yesterday to please buy my wedding dress - I made up my mind while I was sitting with friends at a club. I've been looking at the pictures and suddenly realized - I think that dress is perfect. I suppose if we are crazy, then this fits just right - sending a text message to my best friend to call in and order my dress from Riga.

Tonight we are taking my parents and sister out for a dinner to let them try British food. There are quite a few British Pubs. Dad has never tried a Guiness, Neil can't let his future father-in-law not know what is Guiness.

Riga is absolutely beautiful. Neil has commented on it many many times. In fact, he said that he didn't expect a post- soviet city be as modern and well taken care of and pretty as Riga is. If you've been here 10 years ago, it would be hard to even realize you are in the same city. Neil also has said that Riga reminds him of America in a way. There are big flashy ads on the streets, there is a lot of space, people drive on the normal side of the street, the streets themselves are much bigger.

We took him to Rundales Palace the other day - an 18th century palace. It's fancy schmancy with silk, hand-woven tapestries on walls and such. I am not sure what I was thinking about taking an Englishman to a palace - it is nothing new for him. While he appreciated, his favorite thing was fleece slipper that we had to put on feet to protect the fancy wooden floors.

I have a super funny story to tell you. It is in the "My Big Fat Greek WEdding" style, but once again, we are getting ready to leave, so I will end it here. TOnight we are flying bacvk to London and tomorrow we are spending the day together - no rushing, no running, no sight-seeing, just us :)


rochelle said...

i love reading your posts. keep it coming whenever you can. i can't wait to see you and hear stories.

Sundries Sublime said...

Oh my goodness! Yes, the little sliper things at Rundales! We all got such a kick out of those when we were there! And, what Pub did you go to? Paddy Whalens? Or maybe that's an Irish Pub. Have you eaten at Put Venjie? (sp?). That was my favorite when I was there! Super excited about your wedding dress!! :-)

melissa said...

oh i love it. i can't wait to read the rest of your stories.