Monday, April 03, 2006


the only problem about traveling is that you don't have time to slow down. there is always some place to go, something to see, somewhere to be on time. to me, the best part of travel is sitting down and inhaling the country, the people, the way they
interact when they are sitting at a restaurant and enjoying the dinner, the way the baby has fallen asleep on grandpas shoulder, the way the date just turned sour, the reactions, actions, smiles, laughs, pats on the back.... that's why the best way to travel is to go to a place and to forget the watch. the touristy things will always be there and even thought it's cool to see those things with your own eyes, they are still just buildings. it's the people that make the difference.

i have ran out of my time and for some dang reason i have taken the watch with me. it's been one of those quiet mornings. the kind i love so much. it will be hard to let go.


rochelle said...

aw. i remember when adam visited me in Cali, we did stuff, saw people, drove here and there, and the best day was the last one - when we stayed home, grilled oysters, cuddled and talked all day.. Its true that traveling is exhausting.

Sundries Sublime said...

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