Saturday, June 24, 2006


This is the guy who asked his girlfriend to make a fiest when Neil and I came to visit, he said toasts, he wished us happiness, he said how much he loves me and that meeting Neil and having us there made him so happy. My step-mom, his girlfriend, told me while he was not listening that to this day he regrets that he couldn't be there on my 18th birthday (it's like the 21st birthday here). That he regrets that I left so early and that he so wishes he could have been there for me more. Since I've lived here, for the last... I don't remember how long, every year on my birthday, my dad calls, sometimes Jack has hit him more than other times, but he tells me that they are eating a cake and drinking the finest drinks to my health. That he is thinking of me and that he loves me. Posted by Picasa

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