Thursday, June 22, 2006

the history of my cameras

I bought my first ever film SLR camera in NYC. I lived in NJ at the time and one day my friend and I were going to meet in the city, for some reason we didn't meet up (this was pre-cell phone age, it seems so weird!) and I just hung out in the city by myself. What do women do when they are bored, stressed, [insert every other emotion you can imagine here] - they do shopping. Well, maybe I should not generalize things, but I love to shop - especially for bargains. I still have that camera although I don't remember the last time I took pictures with it.

Then I bought a little digital camera. Well, "little" is a very flexible term - at the time it was "little" now it seems like a big clunk, but it's been wonderful! Especially with the $70 four year Best Buy replacement warranty, which, as some of you know, I've taken a full advantage of by ... let's just say "drowning" the camera a few times and getting it replaced. I won't go into details.

When I worked at the Volante, we still used the professional film cameras, which took awesome pictures but were a torture to the photographers and the editors - from reeling the film to developing it to .... but I've had some amazing people to work with in the past. When I was leaving the Volante, they were buying the digital SLRs. I was jealous... Especially when I saw those crisp, colorful images that were taken with those cameras - they were awesome!

Neil and I have made our first major purchase together. Well, ok, I was in the decision making, he was more involved with the finances... but for the sake of the argument let's say that we did it together -- we bought our first digital SLR - Canon Rebel! Partially it's our wedding gift to ourselves, partially, it has been my dream for ever to have one of them, partially, we want to photograph Jamaica, Europe, Thailand, Australia ... hopefuly many more after that... And who knows, maybe I will have a chance to use it to take pictures of people's little babies and engaged couples and ... we'll see what else.

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