Tuesday, June 27, 2006

i will be one of them

i have to face the fact that i am going to be 28 in three months. and i am fine with that - partially because i am robbing the cradle or maybe because i don't have time to worry about it. BUT. when i look at women my own age i think "you look 27" and i totally realize that when people look at me, they think "you look 27", except for that one young girl, who i can't remember who it was, but she is still my favorite person when she told me that she wouldn't give me a day over 23. i don't remember what she needed.

but the problem is that i don't feel older than 24. i think i stopped when i turned 24. at times, people ask me how old i am and the first thing i want to say is "24" - and then i kind of surprise myself when it comes out as "27" - like "who is twenty seven - ME?! what did i miss????".

but anyway, i think i will stay at twenty four for a while, and i will be one of those oldish women who will go to the "nineties disco club" and wear like tight leather skirt with little love handles squishing through the tight shirt and dance with my wild hair flying everywhere and totally embarass my significant other. but i will be happy and when my friends won't come to join me i will yell out across the club "girls, get your butts on the dance floor!"

it will be "girls" always.

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Sundries Sublime said...

Oh, you're still a BABY! A Spring Chicken!!! Wait till you turn the BIG Three-Ohhh!!!! :-D