Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Black Hills

I am not sure why but when something is close to home, it never has the same value as when you have to spend a year worth of savings and travel long distances to see it. Since Neil has never seen the four-president-stone-faces, I decided to surprise him and take him out to the Black Hills. I've been there a few times but hadn't seen a lot of the cool stuff. Of course that the "surprise" lasted until I accidentaly said "while at the Black Hills" ... this is not the first time...

I remember a while ago a friend of mine said something along the lines that people will travel far to see a monument in stone to 4 presidents and will admire that, rather than take a look around to notice what God has created around and for us -the mountains, the sounds of wild birds, stone formations, lakes, little baby donkeys running wild, buffalo chilling out on the middle of the road, the smell of summer in the air, the winds running wild in the prairies, 70 different kinds of prairie grass in one spot, dry, mysterious Badlands, little bird crying for it's mommy in a nest somewhere below, the colors of sky that changes every minute - the complexity and the beauty of it all made me think about how creative God is. How He has created so much and how it all perfectly works together.

If the creation leaves me in awe, imagine the grandness of the Creator.


rochelle said...

you are so pretty.

melissa said...

i love it. great post, darling :)

i think about these things all the time, but my mind is never quite big enough to comprehend the glory of it all. i'm ok with that though.

and rochelle is right. you are so pretty :)

Sundries Sublime said...

Love ALL the pictures! The Oldest Profession one is classic though! :D

Oh yeah! Check out my myspace and you'll see your lovely artwork flying around!!! :D