Saturday, July 29, 2006

It hasn't been just a year of being roommates with a good friend. It has been one year with one of the best friends I will ever have. As years have gone by, I have learned to measure friendships differently. It is not just about having the same interests. It's not even just being alike. It has been about being able to be yourself. With all the faults and differences, and to know, that no matter how bad I might screw up, this person will still be there giving me the benefit of the doubt. It's been about honesty. Sometimes hurtful honesty that sometimes isn't pleasant to begin with but is something true and lasting. And most of all, it's about forgiveness. Instead of hiding and avoiding, it's been about getting it out and getting over and moving on. It has not always been pleasant but I know that there are no slivers in our friendship that will keep rotting underneath. They are all pulled out and dealt with.
Most of the stuff is moved out. There are little piles here and there in the corners and a whole lot of dust bunnies everywhere. Those memories will be on the computers with colorful pictures but with time the stories will be fading out. There is no doubt that we will pick it up exactly where we left off every time we talk but it is still a reality. Posted by Picasa

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