Tuesday, July 11, 2006

part III on something

there is a big spider crawling on the wall that's next to my bed. it's 12:08 and i am too tired to scream or even shuffle in my bed to show any kind of emotion.

what if it crawls in my ear at night and makes a nest there?

i actually know a girl whose husband had a spider crawl in his ear and just hang out there.

this wasn't a friend of a friend of a friend. this stuff actually happens. this sounds too much like something from edgar poe.

also, the snake who lives under our porch, who i have been deathly scared of and who is deathly scared of me, who has lived there proably as long as we have rented this place, has had a rat or a mouse for a dinner one of these nights. it saved some for us too, every time we walk in the house we can smell all the rotten leftovers.

humidity does a nice job of holding that stuff in the air.


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