Monday, October 23, 2006

3 more

yesterday i saw a calendar and it said 21st of october. yesterday there were 4 days left until we fly to europe. but that was yesterday.

we've been "floating" for the last month. this is the last stop before we fly to london on air india. something tells me there is going to be a lot of bollywood movies and curry on the flight.

we have updated the honeymoon pictures on picasa wedding site.

i am really looking forward to throwing an anchor in london. to have permanent home where i can unpack the suitcases. i feel like an expert in the us landscape - we've seen everyhthing from the ocean to desert to trees changing colors to ... you can pretty much name it and we've been there.

today we are enjoying a day with neils sister and her man and michael and felicia. they are taking off tonight. it's getting sad.

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