Monday, October 23, 2006

Married life: One month and one day

I've been thinking of writing here for a loong looong time now buthave not gotten to it yet. It's 2 days before we are taking off to Europe, we are in Atlanta, at Neils sisters and things are slowly winding down. Well, actually, I think they are just strating to pick up after a month long honeymoon. NOw the real life will start.

We have seriously been in some amazing places and even though it's been a vacation, as always it's been run run run. We spent 2 weeks in Cali - went to the beach, Palm Springs, Universal Studios, drove by the coast, went to Vegas, the Grand Canyon, saw the Hoover Dam, went to the Joshua Tree park, met all Neils relatives living here, then went back to Sd for a couple of days and drove down to Atlanta to bring my car to Neils sister, who ended up buying it from us.

Married life is awesome this far (obviously we are still honeymooning :) I've been thinking about how it's different than I imagined but I suppose it's pretty much what I thought it would be. It's funny that I've been waiting for this and wanting this for such a long time - wondering what's it's going to be like and now it just seems like it's always been that way and it's perfectly normal - it doesn't seem like this big woooohaaaaa - it's just the happiness in the little everyday things. Nothing big needs to happen - I think that's my favorite part. A couple of times I woke up from a dream where I am saying good bye to him at the airport. My favorite part was realizing that there are no more sad good byes at the airport.

The wedding was amazing!!!!!!!!!! Seriously - I am so happy we did it the way we did it. It was the most surreal thing to have all these close friends and family there - in one place having a good time. There was this harmony among everyone - my family LOVED my friends and friends loved each other and everyone still talking about how cool it was. On the other hand it was so sad that not everyone we love so much could be there.

These last few months have been some of the most amazing times in my life. There has been so much love just flooding our way from everybody. I think people should get married just for that reason alone :)

Here you can look at our honeymoon pictures

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