Monday, October 30, 2006

i think the hardest thing to get used is the driving on the other side of the road. it confuses me so much that when i cross the road i look like an old fashioned clock that counts the seconds with the head going left and right and then left and right and for the third time, then i close my eyes and clamp into neils hand and hope we'll make it. the drivers are a little crazy as well, they don't slow down when people are ... jaywalking. they speed up.

also, little kids speaking with an accent make me want to point my finger and ask them where they learned to talk that cute - "mummy".

tomorrow we are signing a 6 month lease on a cute little one bedroom apartment about half hour from the center of london (by train). it's furnished and decorated in a very modern way - i will post pictures when we move in on tuesday. the town we are living (where neils parents also live) is bromley, it's the south edge of london - tomorrow we'll go in the city and hang out there for a while.

it's time for this girl to go to bed now. hopefully some pictures tomorrow (but no promises).

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