Friday, October 27, 2006


well, we are here. things like road signs, cars, even toilet flushing buttons are different. this morning i thought i was getting some body wash and couldn't figure out why it was foaming - it was a shaving foam, of course! i woke up in the middle of the night, when it was about 9 pm in the midwest and wondered what you, the faithful 2.5 readers of this website (i am one of the 2.5) are doing. we are looking for a place to rent but i don't even really know how to do that since they don't call it 'renting' but 'letting'. so yes, once again i need to get going.

even the keyboard is a little differnt. but it's all good. and the best part is staying with neils mom. just because she is a mom and this morning when we woke up, there was fruit all cut up and put in bowls for us. i love moms!


Felicia said...

First of all, without a doubt there are more than 2.5 readers on this blog and the fact that you started already sharing your thoughts and struggles (not easy washing with shaving cream, is it?:) it will only bring out all the prayers and good wishes from all your friends who love and care for you no matter which side of the Atlantic you are. Keep blogging away so we keep up with you two! And don't expect to get everything right from first week, after 8 years of living in the States, I still have these A-HA moments... Enjoy the process of discovering new things and keep that pretty smile on your face, you'll charm all those Brits.

Sundries Sublime said...

Hmmmm.... if you're 1 of the 2.5, and Felicia must be the other 1, that must mean that I'm only .5!!!! :((

Just kidding!! You have way more faithful blog readers than 2.5!!!

I've been kinda mia lately. Haven't been posting or commenting as much. But I still read just as much! So keep your posts coming!! very interesting!!!!!