Wednesday, October 25, 2006

setting the sail

last night here in the US.

10 years ago i came with one suitcase, i am not leaving with much more but a trunk full of amazing experiences, friends, mistakes made and learned from, growing up, places seen and enjoyed, of course a husband who i ironically met on the internet and who stole me back to europe ... well and three suitcases this time.

today we went to a drug store to get me some cold medicines and i looked around and wondered what will be the things that i will miss from here - space in the grocery store? being able to buy 30 different kinds of chapsticks that i lose as soon as i buy them? knowing what store has the best bargain for what i am looking for? what if i miss all that? what if i don't like living wherever i move. i am not 18 anymore and adapting to new things is harder as you get older.

on the other hand, i've been wanting this. there have been years of feeling stuck and wanting something new but never having the right opportunity. now, everything has fallen into places - perfectly. prayers do get answered. sometimes in bigger ways than we could even imagine or wish for. everything is going to be fine - i am sure i will find the right lipsticks and chapsticks for the best bargain prices and in the mean time - i am so excited for the ride!

never give up going after what you want.


Felicia said...

Bon Voyage my friend... You will be happy wherever you are, no worries. Destination doesn't matter that much anymore once that you found your soulmate. And you did... what a wonderful couple you are!

Anonymous said...

Agnese --

Between your last email to me and this post, I need to thank you for inspiring me, and for being my friend. I am so thankful that you were (and are!) an adventurer. In the book I'm using for my quiet times, I read this quote today: "The adventurous life is not one exempt from fear, but on the contrary, one that is lived in full knowledge of fears of all kinds, one on which we go forward in spite of our fears." (Paul Tournier). You do that, and I find that inspiring.