Monday, November 20, 2006

From hyde park

Hyde Park

I have always hated Fall. It reminded me that summer is over and grayness is on the doorsteps and it will be really cold and wet and kind of lonely. Until this year. We spent an afternoon in Hyde park. It was sunny and I could smell the yellow and red leaves in the air, could feel the nostalgia but this time it didn't make me feel sad. Which is something very new. I think it's because in the back of my mind I know that this fall and winter will be different. We can drink hot drinks in bed and complain about cold outside together and crank up the heat to complain that it's too hot to sleep afterwards. And I am ok with the fall. In fact, I am learning to love fall.


Felicia said...

Exactly... I trully believe myself that fall and mainly winter season is more enjoyable when done in two. Having a human radiator available next to you is the best! Speaking of that, it's kind of cold in Knoxville, TN... Michael... where are you???:)

kontrabanda said...

H AH AHAH AH AHAH - "A HUMAN RADIATOR" - I love that!!!! It is true, though, I don't understand how they can have so much heat in their bodies when we feel more like something dead and blue as soon as the temperature drops two degrees.