Saturday, November 18, 2006

i never said i was good at it.

i've had all kinds of run-ins with the english language. to this day i don't use articles (correctly). for one, i have not really grasped how they work. two - they are a waste of energy. if i say "door" instead of "the door", people will know what i am talking about. thank you.

anyway, i was just reading something and it had "good times were had by all" written in it. that made me think how while i was a public relations intern and wrote short bios and short stories for a little local magazine, i read that same phrase and went to my boss to tell him that it totally doesn't sound like correct english and that he definetely needs to change that.

what? it sounded wrong to me!

i can't believe that even after that they still asked me to proof their magazines before print. hahaah. that's really a scary thought.

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