Friday, January 19, 2007

kangaroo meat tastes like .... meat

on wednesdays i get two movie tickets for the price of one with my cell phone company so we have set it as the date night. i usually meet neil at the train station and we go to one of the restaurants in town and afterwards to movies. there are tons of restaurants in this area so we are slowly ticking them off our list.

yesterday my husband wined and dined me at the "walkabout" - the australian pub. our waiter had a very cute australian accent. if you guys think that british accent is hot, listen to australian. mama!

*note to neil - honey, you are the hottest man i know and even australian accent isn't as hot as yours. and that waiter was an ugly man otherwise. and by the way, you want to marry every woman who has a southern drawl.

on the menu i saw a "kangaroo meat salad" of course i had to try it. it really looks and tastes like a good steak. it is dark in color and and had no fat on it, so it was really easy to chew. overall, i have to say that it was very good.

neil had a burger which was about ... 5 inches tall with stuff piled in it. i was thinking of the time when we went to cherokee to try on dresses for rochelles wedding and had lunch at a little pub there. i told the waitress that there has been a mix up with the orders when she brought out a burger with a lettuce leaf and a tomatoe because i had ordered what the menu said was a "veggie burger". she looked at me and said "it is a veggie burger - it has lettuce and tomatoe on it!". he he

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