Thursday, January 18, 2007

shopping IS a therapy. when your butt cheeks are NOT hanging out.

you'd think that i am telling you about a dream. but no. this time it's real.

ZARA has become one of my most favorite stores. it's something like EXPRESS but has a lot more stuff. on regular bases it's a little on the pricey side but they've been having some fabulous sales and i go in there for a little taste of British fashion once in a while. (at least that's what i tell myself).

there are days when you pick out things, try them on and they all look awful on you. then there are days when no matter what you pick, everything looks good and you want to buy it. yesterday was one of those days. besides three pairs of pants and numerous shirts that i picked out, i also found this very form fitting dress with a high belt and a slit in the back. very jackie o, a.k.a. sophisticated sexy.

i dashed to the fitting rooms and started digging through my mountain of clothes to try them on. finally i get to the dress and put it on - mmmm yummy! my husband will like this one. but see, you can't try a dress on when you are wearing smartwool socks on. so i take my very sexy socks off. now, if i imagine there aren't any marks from the socks above my ankles and...... hmmmm ..... i need to get some shoes with a heel - then i could really see the full picture.

so i walk out of the dressing room where there are a few women standing around and checking themselves in the mirror, walk up to the lady who gives out the dressing rooms and ask her if it's ok i try some shoes on. "sure, no problem!" she points me to the shoes, that thankfully are close enough to the dressing room that i did not need to go out.

i put the shoes on and look at myself in the mirror, picturing my husband telling me how much he loves this dress. i turn to the side and notice that in the back the two sides of the split are not even. so i turn and check out the back of the dress.

the slit that is already high has SPLIT and my butt is totally hanging out in all it's glory.

i about peed myself from laughing because i know those ladies saw me strutting my stuff around. no one said a word.

so i bought my pants and shirts. the dress .. it is still at the store.


melissa said...

oh. wow. that's hilarious. good thing you noticed the problem with the slit before you bought it and took it home :)

Neil said...

That's my girl

rochelle said...

i like you being home without a job, because you post all these great stories. More! More!