Sunday, January 07, 2007

a late happy new year :)

i was just very much inspired by some great photography. not some fancy site or anything but just some well organized, clean layouts and clever angles. i think creativity is one of the most awesome things that God has put in us. besides the fact that babies grow in a womb and our heart keeps pumping and all the other amazing stuff. the problem is that we don't take the time to notice. and we have too much to get distracted.

besides other amazing things, 2006 was a year i was learning to notice. beauty in nature and in people and in the shade of green in a grass field and the pattern in a piece of wood and the softness of an animals furr and the sound that can come out of a beautiful voice. and many other things. mostly just the natural stuff, not the man made, plastic, unrealistic stuff but the simple things around, the things that we see every day but are amazing in their God created beauty.

so, even though this is coming a little late, my wish to everyone is that this year you find that way to express the creativity in you. that you find an outlet that will make your heart beat faster. that the everyday stuff does not bogg you down and you don't post-pone it until tomorrow. that you take the time to notice and to put it out so that others can look at it and feel the bug to go and do it themselves. infect the whole world with wonder and thankfulness to everything that was created for us.

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