Saturday, March 24, 2007

Cooking.... continued

In our household, instead of Sunday roasts we do Friday night dinners. I've always loved Fridays - it's the end of the week, beginning of the weekend, there are 2 days of sleeping in and not thinking of work - what's NOT to celebrate?! Since that one miserable Friday on my first week of work when I decided to splash out on a nice dinner instead of moaning about hard life, it has become a tradition.

No, I have not become the master chef that I thought I had magically turned into. There are a few lucky dinners that turn out ok but then there are plenty of things that get cooked and taste like fried rubber. Like the experiment with the "country fried steak" that started out as a good idea turned into a disaster that was difficult to cut with even a steak knife. But so what - makes us appreciate the good ones more!

But even that won't stop me. I just keep buying stuff and experiemnting. Once in a while I step on a mine that exlodes and my husband politely tells me that he's not hungry but let me tell you, no one has lost weight around these parts of the woods, so it can't be that bad.


Sundries Sublime said...

Love, Love, Love the new look! So sharp! So clean! So you!!! You make me want to redesign my blog!!!!! :-)

karen said...

First of all, beautiful new look. Absolutely lovely. And second, we're making all sorts of efforts to cook meals ahead of time and eat at home, so if you make something you really really love, please share! I'm looking for more things to make.

Felicia said...

Back home, in Romania there is this tradition where when spring comes, every wife cleans up the house thoroughly. It's spring cleaning time! You did that with your blog. I love its simplicity, very refreshing.

rochelle said...