Sunday, March 25, 2007

Royal Albert Hall

I am blessed beyond words. I feel like in the last 6 months I have been catching up with everything that I've missed in the last 6 years. Tonight we went to the Royal Albert Hall (don't you want to sit up straighter and sip your cup of tea from a fine cup of china when I say "Royal"? I do) for the Classical Spectacular. The Classical Spectacular was performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, by the Royal Choral Society, Fanfare Trumpeters and Band of the Welsh Guards, and the muskets and cannons (real stuff!!) of the Moscow Militia were blasting off during the 1812 Overture. On top of it there were laser lights, opera singing and balloons let off from the ceiling at the very end. It was ... amazing!

Do you realize how many times I have mentioned the word "Royal" in the previous paragraph? If you didn't sit up straighter then, it's about time you do it now.

I am struggling to put words together as to how impressive the event was. I am not sure how we have gone from pot cafes in Amsterdam to the Royal Albert Hall in London in less than a month, but the experience was amazing. I had so many emotions running through me as I was listening to music done so well that goosebumps stood up on my skin.

The venue itself is so impressive that it's hard not to gawk around with an open mouth. There is beauty in being casual but going to something to sophisticated and fancy that it really makes you want to hold the fork and knife and not stick out the elbows while eating and all of a sudden it doesn't seem a burden.

I had never really understood the fascination and respect that British have for their Queen. While in this place, it somehow made sense. I still can't put it in words but it appeared in a different light. While the Queens Guards, or as I call them "the fuzzy hats" were playing their trumpets dressed in their full uniforms I couldn't help but feel respect and admiration. I obviously didn't grow up with a Royal Family ruling in my country and what I've seen this far the Royals are portrayed just as celebrities, next to Britney and Anna Nicole. During the concert I saw the Queen and the Royal Family and all the traditions in a completely different light. They have nothing to do with celebrity. It was more about respect and patriotism and being English. Nothing to do with popularity.

Of course that the classical pieces they had picked were the kind that you push the "repeat" button over and over again even if you are not a big classical music fan. The orchestra has performed the background music for The Lord of the Rings and other very well known things. Needless to say that it was top of the notch professional. As was everything else.

It's 1 am and time for me to go to bed. I was trying to write this before I fall asleep and loose everything I was so excited to write about. Now I am realizing that it was so positively overwhelming that I don't know how to describe it. Really, it was art like I've never experienced it before.

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