Saturday, March 31, 2007

Financial lessons

Next week we are off to Rome for a couple of days right before Easter. I have always wanted to see Italy, it holds this mysterious place in my imagination. We were looking at a trip there a while ago but didn't find a good enough deal. Neil's sister is flying in tomorrow with her man, so all four of us will head to see Italy.

In other news, I have never really been particularly worried about fraud. It's been one of those things that you hear about but never think it's gonna happen to you. So when I opened my credit card account and saw a $900 charge made through the internet (because I still have my card) in London, I was in shock. I went through the rolodex in my mind "Dude, where did we spend that much money just 2 days ago??!!"

I think some mail has been lost and that's how the baddies (as my mother in law calls bad guys) have gotten hold of my account. I hope the suckers get caught and put in jail.

To make long story short, the lessons learned are: it's good to check your accounts once in a while, it has saved me from paying stuff I haven't authorized more than once. And two, God is looking out for me. The bank is not going to make me repay that amount but instead look into it to see what has happened. So the situation has been resolved fairly fast and everyone has been very helpful and cool.


Felicia said...

This is CRAZY, same thing happened to Nati this past weekend. The concierge from her apartment building used her debit card left at the desk by someone who found it in the hallway, to purchase tickets to Arizona and music equipment for $ 1000. She is in the process to get his bad ass kicked! This world is getting crazier and crazier... I am so glad your situation got solved so fast. Oh, and one more thing: I think I am going to stop making fun of Michael and his paranoia of stolen identity and stuff.

melissa said...

Yikes! I'm glad you caught that and got things sorted out right away. God is good :)