Friday, April 20, 2007


I am supposed to be cleaning the bathroom. Vinegar on the glass shower walls does a better job than any cleaner. Believe you me. But what I am supposed to do is not relevant right now because I am looking for any excuse not to be cleaning. Posting this blog sounds like a perfectly good excuse.

So I will tell you a really funny story. I am sure that re-telling it won't do any justice. But it was so funny that I think I snorted out milk out of my nostrils or something equally silly and that's definitely a sign that it was funny at the time.

I am a lucky girl because Neil cleans the house and generally does a really good job. Once in a while you'll find some rice stuck on a fork and my green barley max on a spoon after he's "washed" them but come on, the guy leaves the kitchen spic and span and I am not the one to complain.

After all, I can flick the rice away and pretend it wasn't there....

But not many men are like that. I have a friend, let's call her T. Her dad lives alone, has been living by himself for a while now. T said that once she went to visit him and after noticing how disgusting his toilet seat is, she broke down and bough him a new toilet seat. So the joys of the new purchase were celebrated, now came time to look into the toilet, which according to her hadn't been scrubbed for at least a year and there were plenty of skid marks.

Side note, if you have a weak stomach or are in the middle of the meal, stop reading this and start thinking of spring and flowers and little baby kittens.

Anyway, she would usually just clean the toilet herself but this one had been particularly bad and she just didn't have the stomach to do it. So she calls her dad over and tells him that to put the new seat on he needs to clean the toilet first.

Dad doesn't think much and goes to find something to clean it with. He comes back with a pot scrubber from the kitchen and digs in there with his bare hands. As he is cleaning, she is gagging and barely holding her dinner down. The man is doing his job and doing it well. The toilet finally is getting the porcelain color back and he is proud of his job.

Meanwhile, T is green in the face.

The toilet is finally cleaned, he gets up, flushes all the gunk down and smiles at her. She smiles back at him and watches him go back into the kitchen to put the pot scrubber back where it was -- next to the sink. Because surely there will be another pot that will need a good scrubbing.

See, I told you that a little rice on the fork is not a big deal.


melissa said...

honestly, i don't get grossed out that easily, but that is disgusting. not okay - that is just not okay...

ciciley said...

Oh my goodness...let's just say I put my hand to my mouth...