Monday, April 16, 2007


I've been learning to live in this beautiful season of thankfullness in my life for the last few months. It does have to do that I am so happy where I am right now with my life but more than that, I think I am just learning to notice the goodness that God has been pouring in my life and living with a thankful attitude about it all.

The other day we called up Neils mom and dad and asked them if they want to go out for a walk with us to explore the green chain walk, which happens to run almost next to our house. We went for this amazing walk through woods where little flowers were blooming and cherry trees in full blossom and bushes were in so many colors and white little flowers like a carpet on a hill. Those simple moments fill me and inside there is this continuos wonder of God's creativity and love and beauty.

A while ago I came to realize that we can't let the church or friends or Bible studies or anything else paint the picture of God in our perception. It's personal and we ourselves are responsible for that journey, Cliff Notes in this matter don't work. So I've been reading the Bible every morning and searching to find who really is God, what He reveals about himself to me. One of the things that have jumped out is that praise and thankfullness is an offering to God. (Ps 54:6) I've been constantly reminded how much God wants to have a relationship with us, humans. Since we were created in his image, I think that we can draw from our emotions what are some of His characteristics.

A while ago I was in a situation where I felt like I was trying so hard and the person I was trying to impress didn't notice and weren't thankfull at all about all my efforts, it was taken for granted. It made really sad and also made me think about how I need to notice the goodness in my life and not take for granted all the blessings that God gives me. More than anything it made me think that I take things for granted all the time because I feel like I deserve them or have earned them or forget that I've wanted them for so long and now that I have them, I act like it's supposed to be that way. The truth is that when the attitude inside changes to thankfullness, it comes out on the outside and paints the world in colors that are more gentle. And ultimately, it changes me.


rochelle said...

good post. perfect for today.

karen said...

Beautiful. You and Melissa both wrote lovely posts about faith. I wish more people viewed things in that way, instead of churches setting up their own specific rules about what they see in the Bible and making everyone follow that. It seems to me religion and faith shouldn't be so complicated.